Why Puckleberry?

I am one of the Gleeks who falls into the category of Puckleberry shipper.  I was originally going to say that Puckleberry shippers are a minority, but based on the amount of fanfiction shipping those two on fanfiction.net, I can’t really say that’s the case.  However, due to the show’s outcome and the former relationship Rachel had with Finn, shipping Rachel and Puck together is not the canon option.

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However, I believe Puckleberry is the ultimate couple, and not for reasons that people would think, being that Rachel and Puck are two of my top three favorite characters in the show.

No, that is not the case at all.

Puckleberry is the ultimate couple for this simple reason – it’s a double cliché pairing.

If you know me at all, you know that I hate clichés.  I know I can’t avoid them – heck, I’m even guilty of writing them – but I can still hate them.  So why is a double cliché pairing better, you ask?  Think of it like math, two negative numbers multiplied together will cancel out to make a positive number.  Just the same, in my head anyway, two clichés in a pairing will cancel out.

Now let’s take a look at Finchel vs. Puckleberry:

Finchel – Finn is the cool guy.  He’s captain and quarterback of the football team, as well as dating the head cheerleader when we meet him.  When he gets roped into Glee club he meets Rachel and falls for her.  Rachel is one of the ‘losers’ of the school; the star of the glee club and constantly picked on by the jocks and cheerleaders.  The cliché here: the jock and the geek.

Puckleberry – We already know Rachel is one of the school’s least popular people, but add onto that identity that she’s also the ‘good girl’ type – always following the rules and does very well in school.  Puck on the other hand, is on the football team alongside Finn and is the notorious ‘bad boy’ type who breaks the rules, skips class, hooks up with the cheerleaders and has an overall tough image.  The clichés here: the jock and the geek as well as the good girl and the bad boy.

With Puckleberry’s added cliché of the good girl/bad boy pairing on top of the jock/geek, these two to be the perfect couple.  Especially taking into consideration that jocks tend to normally be ones who make good grades (or at least decent grades) and tend to be good guys who don’t cause too much trouble (there are usually minor exceptions).  Puck breaks that image of the normal jock who dates the least popular girl in school.

Sadly, Puckleberry only lasted for one episode in season one, but their short time together will never be forgotten by those of us who immediately fell in love with this pairing and continues to ship them in our hearts as the true Glee power couple.  We’ll also never forget the only duet they ever had together – Need You Now.

Now for the question, has there ever been a couple you rooted for, but were not the canon pairing?  

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2 thoughts on “Why Puckleberry?

  1. Tabitha Wells says:

    I definitely can’t claim to be a Puckleberry fan. I did like them together, but I also REALLY like Puck and Quinn – I think towards the end of Season 5, they both start to bring out the best in one another and decrease the worst.

    That being said, a non-Canon relationship I’ve always shipped is Harry and Hermione. I always thought they would be better suited than Ron and Hermione.

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      Yeah, at the end Puck and Quinn made a good couple… I’m just too much of a die hard Puckleberry fan to really jump on the Quick-ship, ha.

      But yes!!! I was a Harry/Hermione fan after seeing the third movie. Even as much as I love Harry/Ginny (in the books; their movie relationship was a joke), I believe Harry and Hermione would’ve made a good couple as well. Even J.K. Rowling said she regretted the Ron/Hermione relationship!

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