Behind My Blog Name | Blog-tember Challenge

I said on Friday that I was going to start the Blog-tember Challenge today, even though it has been going on for a week.  The thing is that I had some posts scheduled for last week and I didn’t want to push them off until next month – that’s why I’m starting this challenge a week late.

Today’s prompt is to tell how we came up with our blog names, which is a good easy one for me to start off this challenge with.  So, here’s how I came up with the name, orangeowldiaries, for my blog.

behind my blog name

It was a dark and stormy night…

Wait.  No it wasn’t.

Or was it?

You know what, I don’t remember.  Moving on…

The truth is, there is no elaborate story behind the name of my blog.  I tell most people that it’s because orange is my favorite color, the owl is my favorite animal and since my blog is like a public diary… well, there you go.  It’s actually not like that though.  It wasn’t just something random that I chose because of my favorite color and animal.

What really happened was I had already had another diary-like blog, which is no longer existent, and I hadn’t been active for a few months, but I was looking to start again.  A fresh start.  So I needed a new name.

Since I was looking at this blog as a means of public journaling, I realized I would probably not use my actual journal to write in anymore (though I hadn’t written in it for a year anyway).  I took one look at my journal, and I knew what the name would be.

Orange Owl Diaries.

orange owl journal

Maybe you can guess from that picture why it hit me so fast.  My journal, or diary, was orange and had a picture of an owl on it.  Pretty awesome, huh?

And that is pretty much the story behind how I came up with my blog name.  I really like it because it was a name that just hit me, plus I have a personal attachment to it.

Is there an interesting story behind your blog name?

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5 thoughts on “Behind My Blog Name | Blog-tember Challenge

  1. xo, Lorey says:

    What a sweet reason! I miss my old online Journal! I haven’t thought about it in ages, but it was so nice to share everything and anything with no one judging me because of this or that, or worrying about anything. *sigh* anonymity. lol

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      That’s how I started out, I just went by Orange Owl instead of my name. I think it was after I started sharing my posts via Facebook and Twitter that I was like, “Well, they know my name anyway, so I might as well just use it!” lol

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      Thanks! And it is a vulnerable place, but of course I do hold back from some of my really personal, private thoughts… as I’m sure everyone does. I guess we can’t all be 100% honest on the Internet, even though we’d like to think we can, ha.

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