November Playlist

Well somehow we are on the last day of November and I’m still thinking it’s the beginning of October.  Weird, right?  Overall this was a good month.  The hiring process at my new job took its time, but I’m happy to say I have a seasonal part-time job now, which I’m hoping to stay at after the holiday season is over… because I really like where I work now.  My mom’s birthday passed and I’ve come to realize that I really enjoy making birthday cards rather than just buying them.

In other news, both my Giants and Bills lost yesterday, but the Patriots lost too so that makes up for it! (Kind of.)

And now I present my first ever monthly playlist for November (and they’re in no particular order).

november playlist

Santa Cruz -The Downtown Fiction 

At the most random times I have found myself singing this song.  I’ll be drying my hair or making my bed and just start singing this one.  It’s pretty catchy in the non-typical catchy way.  I think it might be because I first saw The Downtown Fiction in November of 2009 and it brought back those memories seeing how far the boys have come.  This song, and the band, are worth a looking into if you’re on the lookout for new music.

Everything I Do (I Do It For You) – Bryan Adams

An oldie but a goodie.  This song has been a special one to me for my whole life as it’s mine and my mom’s song – our song.  She told me long ago how she used to dance in the kitchen to this song with me as an infant and singing the lyrics to me.  So whenever I hear this song I think of my mom, even if she’s right in the next room.  My best memory of this song with her is when we got to see Bryan Adams in person during an acoustic show and he performed this song as the encore.  I was waiting for this song the entire show, so he really did save the best for last!

Flawless – MercyMe

I don’t know why I hadn’t heard this song before until just a week or two ago, but it has quickly become one of my favorites and this is another song I find myself singing at random moments.  And the music video is amazing for it, I love the concept and it honestly brings tears to my eyes.

Same Old Love – Selena Gomez

Definitely my top favorite from her new album.  I loved this song as soon as I first heard it because I can see how many people can relate to it (I know of a few) and it’s a catchy song.

What Faith Can Do – Kutless

Another song that can bring tears to my eyes, especially with some personal things I have going on.  This is definitely a top track off my worship playlist.  It’s encouraging and uplifting so if you’re ever having a bad day, just listen to this song.

Always Enough – Casting Crowns

Another uplifting song that has brought tears to my eyes a few times this month.  There are just days when worship songs will hit you right in the feels and you’ll bawl like a baby for each one.  I had one of those days and apart from the Kutless song, this one refreshed those tears and just reminded me how how amazing God is.

Who Am I – Casting Crowns

My uncle first shared this song with me on Facebook years ago and I had only listened to it a handful of times.  But after these past few weeks I’ve begun to listen to it regularly and know and love the lyrics to this song.

Not This Year – Aly & AJ

One of my favorite songs to listen to around Christmas time… or even off-season.  Yes, it’s not really a happy Christmas song, but it’s a relatable one.  Sometimes you just don’t feel in the mood and that’s basically what this song is.  I’m sure we’ve all felt the Not This Year vibe, but I even love this song when I am in the Christmas spirit because… I just love the song, okay?

What Do You Mean – Justin Beiber

I hate to admit it, but this kid knows how to make a catchy tune.  I hear it a lot on the radio (and my Spotify playlist) and can’t help but sing to it when it’s on.  Heck, even when it’s not on the song jumps into my head and I’m singing it.  I may not like Bieber as a person, but I respect his talent and the good songs he throws out there.

O Holy Night – MercyMe

Since I’m already listening to Christmas music, I cannot leave this rendition of the classic O Holy Night out.  It is one of my favorite versions of it, next to Lea Michele’s off the Glee soundtrack.  Of course, I have about five or six different artists singing this song in my iTunes library and each one just has a different mood to it that I enjoy at different times.  Still, I think this one is my top favorite.

So, that is it.  My top tracks from my playlist this month.  I can almost guarantee that a majority of next month’s will be different Christmas songs, but we’ll see what happens I guess.

Here’s to a happy December for everyone!

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