I “Love” Winter Tag

Do I love winter?  No, not really.  However there are some things I do like about winter, but overall my hatred of the freezing temperatures and snowy, icy messes outweighs the good points.  This is the reason I will one day move south… once I’m able to afford it and scope out some towns in the state I’m interested in.

Until that time, I have to live up in the crazy weather that we deal with in New England… the area of the country where you wear a complete winter outfit in the morning and in the afternoon you’re in shorts sipping a lemonade.

I was tagged by alexandra write now to do the I Love Winter Tag, and I thank her for tagging me!  I love doing tag posts once in a while, and it’s been a while.  With that said, I present the I Love Winter Tag!

i love winter tag

  • Favorite Lip Product: Sun Shades Lip Balm… perfect for the chapped lips of winter.
  • Favorite Drink: a nice scalding hot cup of tea or a salted caramel hot chocolate from Dunkin’.
  • Favorite Nail Polish: Ha, yeah… like I wear nail polish.  Nope.
  • Favorite Candle: Fun fact, I don’t like candles that much… but I do like anything that smells like cinnamon. So, cinnamon or apple cinnamon.
  • Favorite Attraction: Well, I used to really enjoy sledding at the big hill on the west end of town.
  • Favorite Accessory: My visor-beanies.  They’re perfect for covering up my ears and keeping my head warm.  My favorite one is my Call of Duty MW3 one… which is funny because I don’t play that game.
  • Favorite Candy: Witor’s Chocolates
  • Favorite Movie: For a Christmas movie it’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas… no questions asked. As for a non-Christmas movie I’d have to say… Mean Creek.
  • Favorite Blush: Not a make-up girl… only when I absolutely have to.
  • Favorite Thing: I love it when people leave up their Christmas trees and the lights outside their homes.  It’s always very pretty, especially after a quiet snowfall.

So that’s it for the tag!  My ‘victims’ for this tag are listed below:

The Giraffe Files

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Fangirling Owl

May 13th

Have fun!

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