Say Hello to Changes

Seeing as it’s April 1st I was going to do the whole ‘I’m giving up blogging’ joke, but I figured that there are probably other bloggers doing it and I didn’t want to be another one in the mix.  Besides, I’m not a fan of April Fools Day – I don’t even consider it a real holiday.  It’s not that I can’t take a joke; it’s just that there’s an entire day of the year I can’t take anyone seriously because they could just wind up saying, “April Fools!”

No. just, no.

So, onto a more serious topic that does, in fact, regard my blog.

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Lately I’ve been thinking of possibly starting a new blog that would be separate from this one, and its focus would be books – a book blog.  I’d write reviews and other book-related posts that would be exclusively for that blog.  I’d finally have a niche blog.  The only problem would be trying to keep up with it and honestly, I think after a while I’d end up getting stressed over it and give up.  I don’t want to do that again.  I’ve been down that road before with doing a photography blog and a review blog along with this one.

It’s too much for one person.

So, after thinking about it and getting some feedback on Twitter, I’ve decided to slowly morph orangeowldiaries into a hybrid blog – half faith/lifestyle and half book blog.  I definitely do not want to give up my personal posts that share my life experiences, tips and faith because that’s the heart of this blog.  I mainly just want to throw in weekly book-related posts so I can share my inner bookworm.

Of course, I’ll still review movies, shows, products and apps, but only when I feel it’s necessary.

As for how many book-related posts there will be weekly, I’m not sure yet.  I’ll probably start off slow with at least one a week.  In relation to book posts, I’m also thinking of doing a word-of-the-week post to highlight some words that aren’t commonly heard in our vocabulary today.  It’s a way for not only me, but any of my lovely readers, to learn some new words and start using them in our everyday speak.

I’d also like to introduce other feature posts, like possibly bringing back my Friday Five posts and/or a ‘Monthly Wrap-Up’ post where I’ll highlight the ups and downs of the month and share some of my favorites.  And finally, I’m hoping to start up a vlog series for orangeowldiaries in the near future, but I’m still working on the kinks for that.  It will happen though and I’ll be sure to give you all a heads up so that you can be on the lookout for vlogs and subscribe to the channel.

So yes, there are some changes happening, but to be honest the content won’t be too much different.  It’s just going to be more systematic and organized than it has been the last few months.  The changes won’t be happening right away, but I’ll slowly integrate them during the month of April and maybe into May.

What do you think of the changes happening?  Good?  Bad?  Suggestions?  I’m happy to hear your thoughts!

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3 thoughts on “Say Hello to Changes

  1. Kenzie Smith says:

    Books blogs are so much fun! I absolutely love reading and reviewing books — I have a few book reviews posted on my main blog, but I too wanted something more. If you want, you can always do a guest post on our book blog Page a Vu (! We would love to have you!

  2. Emma (@everemmablog) says:

    I think your blog should be a reflection of yourself so if you’re a bookworm then books should be there too! I strive to incorporate books and life throughout my blog as well and it keeps me interested in writing.

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