Problems of Being Short

I know it’s fairly common for girls to be short, however, I seem to always be surrounded by taller girls. Taller girls can find a pair of jeans that actually fits them length-wise and shirts that aren’t too long on them.  Me?  I have to scavenge the petite section looking for a decent-looking pair of jeans because really, all the good looking ones are made for taller girls.

Being short is something that I’ve always had an issue with, but am slowly coming to terms with accepting my height and even, kind of, liking it.  Up until I was nineteen I was always hoping I had an extra growth spurt in me, but I have to face it… I stopped growing when I was twelve.  I know I’m not the shortest person in the world.  In fact, I do know a few other girls personally who are shorter than I am.  But even standing at a grand 5′ 1½” (yes I include the half) there are still some problems that come with this magnificent height.

Common Problems of Being Short

  1. Having to climb the counter-tops to reach certain foods/dishes.
  2. That one person who sits directly in front of you at the movies when there are plenty of other seats available.
  3. The realization that 5th graders are taller than you.
  4. Your head is your best friend’s arm rest (this might just be me).
  5. Being a full-fledged adult and still having to use that step-stool at the doctor’s office to get on the examination bed.
  6. Yoga-capri pants are too long.short girl problems
  7. Not being able to see the hood of your car. (I didn’t know normal-height people could see them!)
  8. When the sun visor in the car doesn’t help because you’re so short.
  9. Those awkward hugs with people more than 3-4 inches taller than you.
  10. You can’t stand past the 4½ft section of a swimming pool.
  11. Getting offered the kids’ menu in restaurants because apparently being under 5’4″ means you’re 12.
  12. Just barely qualifying for the height requirement for amusement park rides.

Honestly, I could keep going.  I really could.  However, I’m sure that you get my point here.  There are a lot of “problems” us short girls have to deal with.


So my question for all my fellow short-gal friends, what are some things you’d add to this list?

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24 thoughts on “Problems of Being Short

  1. Robert Smith says:

    I was born so short that it took until the fifth grade before I was taller than a girl in my class. At least that is the story that my mother won’t stop telling ~ fortysomething years later. So, I collect ladders. That’s all I got.

  2. Nicole art & soul says:

    Hey you got me beat! I’m 5′ tall. I think we should start a revolt for short people’s rights! I hate having to ask for people to get groceries from the top shelves at the store. Among all the other things you mentioned.

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      I would be down for that! And yeah, that’s a good one too! I actually recently hurt my knees a bit climbing the shelves to get my favorite yogurt because it just had to be on the top shelf.

  3. that traveling nurse says:

    I am 5’1 1/2 too! I have no qualms about my height right now. I did grow up wishing I would grow up some more…Us short people have our advantages too. We look cute. We CAN wear 4 inch high heels and not look like a giant and towering over others. When we fall/slip, it is not that too high from the ground. We can wear clothes from the teen section, they’re cheaper! We won’t have problems finding men taller than us. Oh the joys of being short! :)

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      Those are all true as well! I have never had trouble being interested in a guy who’s taller than me. The heel one is good, but I’m just not the kind of girl who can walk in them, ha!

      • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

        Hmm, true. Either way, I’m wearing white converse shoes for my wedding ;D (if and when that ever happens! Haha!)

      • katho28 says:

        That is so true! I made the mistake of wearing very high heels without bringing along an extra pair of shoes. By the end of the day, I was moving an inch per minute and all I could think was “RIP feet”.

  4. Ann GrubbsnCritters says:

    Hey, hey! I’m shorter than you and people call me puny. Everyone else is a giant to me! So I started going with heels to compensate for my height. But oh well! Learnt to live with it and over time I forget that I’m short! :p WhatI hate most is going to free-standing concerts – I always thought that they should start arranging concert goers by height, with the shortest in front. It’s only fair! :p

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      It would be great if they did that! I’m lucky that the one time I went to a free-standing concert with my best friend that we were early enough to get right in front of the stage… and we got to meet the band :)

  5. authorsbmazing says:

    I pretty much agree to all of it. But! But we don’t hit our heads that often. We can crawl under armpits and get further in queues (skiing and so on). We can easier sneak through. There are benefits of being short as well…

  6. Kellybean says:

    I’m 4’11” so I totally know what you are talking about. Growing up I loved being short. I still like it, but it does have its issues. I have a small, high pitched voice, and being short doesn’t help with trying to project what I have to say into group conversations. Usually people don’t hear me.

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      I never liked it. I was ecstatic when I finally grew to be taller than my grandma and one of my aunts. I don’t mind it as much now and I even laugh when I can’t reach something my my mom is laughing at me because of it.

  7. kerala.robinson says:

    Ha, you got a lot of that right. I am taller than you (5’4″) but still get called short or petite! What is the limit then?
    I play badminton and can see the advantage people taller than me have when returning shots. I too have got up the work top to get some stuff from a shelf – knees !!
    I am not a heels person and would not give up the comfort of good footwear for looking taller (barring some ocassions) and I would say to be comfortable in your natural height – it’s how personality you can pack in that little frame!! N boo to anyone who makes you feel any different

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      I guess it’s any girl under 5’6″ who’s considered short or petite. The reason I always had a hard time being comfortable with my height was due to all my friends being 6 inches taller than me, at least. Maybe if I had more short friends I would’ve been more comfortable with it in high school, ha. But I’ve learned to be happy with my height, even if I do still get offered the kids’ menu when I go out to Olive Garden.

  8. Alyson says:

    I love this post, I found my head shaking in agreement to almost everything. I’m also 5’1 1/2 I always include the half as well, tall people always laugh when I say the half. The thing I hate the most is the docto’s office and how there is always the nurse or office assistant who brings you into the room and looks at you oddly for using the step stool for the table.

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