Social Media Time-Out

I typically try to steer clear of talking about politics on my blog, because I really get no enjoyment from it, but I do have to say this…

I’m about ready to delete Facebook and Twitter because of all the fighting/political posts I see on my news feed.

The best answer would be to just delete/unfollow the people I’m seeing these posts from, and I have done that with quite a few, but there are some important people I try to keep tabs on (in a good way, I promise).  I like seeing what my peers from high school are up to, how my family members down in Florida and Virginia are doing, my friends in other states, etc., and I actually enjoy being on Facebook at those times.  Then it’s all ruined by a non-stop stream of political bashing from both sides.

Look, I understand that everyone is just exercising their right of free speech on Facebook, that’s hunky-dory and all, but sometimes I feel like people are just trying to start fights.  Honestly, do people really think they can change a person’s beliefs by trashing them?

Let me know how that works out…

In the meantime, I just want everyone to chill out on Facebook.  There’s no need to start fights and trashing each other.  You want to have a calm, level headed discussion?  Fine.  But please consider the fact that you can’t judge an entire political party based off a generalization (that goes for people of different religions too).  Yes, I am a Christian woman and I stand by God’s law and what He says is good, but that doesn’t mean I hate homosexuals and transgender people, or believe that conversion therapy is the answer.  And I don’t judge them either because I know I’m not perfect.

My point here is, I’m starting to miss the way Facebook was before politics took over.  I think my old high school CADD teacher got the point across when he shared this post:

“Let’s make Facebook great & fun again! I love seeing your kids growing up, getting accepted into their chosen schools, your pets being silly, your kid scoring the winning goal or their first home run. I can’t wait until spring to see the gardens, flowers & prom gowns. I love “going on vacation” with you….especially when you go to Disney!

It makes my day to wish my friends happy birthday🎈. It’s great seeing what people create, snap, draw and bake. We’re so creative & diverse let’s just destress & have fun flipping through Facebook not worrying about who’s going make a nasty comment or give you an opinion you didn’t ask for.

Maybe they need to create a political Facebook because I’m about ready to get off the Facebook I used to enjoy.”

Like I said before, I understand that people are just exercising their right of freedom of speech and that’s great, but can we calm down a little and respect that not everyone wants to see this stuff 24/7 on their timelines?  Once in a while?  Okay, sure.  But I’d like to avoid unfollowing people I care about just for that reason, and I know others feel the same way.

But until that happens, I think I’m just going to take a social media time-out.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Time-Out

  1. cultivatingtime says:

    I’m inclined to agree with you. Facebook used to be fun, light-hearted and entertaining. It has changed a lot.

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