My Year of YouTubing (is that a word?)

In spring 2013 I became obsessed with watching YouTubers.  You know, the people like Tyler Oakley, Andrea Russett, jennxpenn and the boys from Our 2nd Life.  They were all funny, engaging and just all around entertaining to watch.  Watching them made me want to sit in front of my own camera and talk to the people who would eventually watch them.

So I did.

I was regularly doing videos for about a year, but unfortunately, life happens and I never really picked it back up.  I wanted to, I just didn’t have the time or real drive to do it.  Honestly, by that time I just wanted to finish college.  Plus, my two friends from California who were also making YouTube videos had stopped and it wasn’t as much fun without them.

I’m aware that making YouTube videos is still a popular thing, but I’m honestly not as into watching them as I used to be.  I feel like YouTubers have kind of lost that appeal (at least to me) because it seems like they’re always doing challenges or tag videos.  I’m not saying it’s bad to do them, but it just seems like more and more of them are just doing that as opposed to just talking to the camera about whatever topic in on their mind.

I might be wrong because, like I said, I haven’t been watching them lately.

What’s my point with all this?  Well, I am thinking of starting up YouTube again soon, but only in relation to my blog.  So instead of using my tabbyisnotacat channel, I’d use my personal account and it would probably be titled, “orangeowldiaries: the vlog edition.”  You know, something along those lines.

I’m just trying to really figure out some things before I go ahead and press record on my camera… mainly topics.  I honestly have no idea what I’d talk about for the videos and I’d like to keep the challenge/tag videos to a bare minimum.

This is more of an update of what’s to come for orangeowldiaries, but for the most part, I’ll be writing the majority of my posts.  The vlogging will just be to add some variety.

In the meantime, here’s a video I published 2  years ago, during the peak of my YouTube venture, which is mainly just bloopers of the videos I had previously done.

And for the record, I do cringe at most of my old videos.

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2 thoughts on “My Year of YouTubing (is that a word?)

  1. Jean C - GzN says:

    hey!! just pickup the pace and vlog again.. I think it will be interesting.

    Topics? .. is your content you can talk about anything you want. :) and if the need for topics arise you can always ask the audience :D..

    Cheers & good luck

    • Tabby says:

      I’ll be ready to do it soon. I’m just going through a little bump in the road right now. Thanks for the encouragement!! :)

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