Reverse Christmas Haul

While I’m planning on writing up a Christmas Haul post of what I got for Christmas, right now I’m going to switch things up and tell what I got others for Christmas.  This isn’t to brag about what I got everyone, but to share the presents I gave because I was very excited about what I got people this year.


My list of people has never been that large, but it was one person short since my grandmother passed away a few months ago.  So to make up for it, I bought a gift for my cousin whom I see just about every weekend.

So, what did I get my loved ones for Christmas?

Mom – First of all, my mom gave me a $65 spending limit on her… and I’m happy to say that I stayed within that limit!  I found some good deals and had coupons, so I was able to get more for less.  Anyway, I got her a neck roll pillow, the new Noble plush dog from Barnes and Noble, a Peanuts ugly sweater mug & travel mug set, a new pair of bootie slippers, a new set of gloves, and her favorite raspberry candies.

Dad – My dad has always been the guy who says not to get him anything, but I do anyway.  I like giving people gifts, so that’s that.  As I do every year, I got him socks and a Dunkin’ gift card.  I also got him a pair of Giants socks, Giants chip clips, a talking tire gauge, boxes of blueberry and banana muffins, the movie God’s Not Dead, a deck of cards, and since my grandma is no longer with us, I got him a box of dark cherry chocolates because that’s what she got him every year without fail.

Step-mom – Honestly, she’s harder to shop for than my dad, but I got some good gifts.  I got her a cute pair of owl slippers, owl pajama pants (that just about match the slippers), a hand lotion/wash mason jar set, and her own box of cherry chocolates (for the same reason as dad’s).

Best friend – Unfortunately I can’t tell you this one since she hasn’t gotten it yet and I don’t want to ruin the surprise for her when we are able to get together (on the off chance she reads this).  Just know that it took a little work and is a meaningful present.  I’ll reveal it once she gets it.

Cousin – This particular cousin likes to read, so it’s only fitting I got her a book.  The book I chose for her is Karen Kingsbury’s The Chance, which I absolutely loved and know that she would love as well.

I know some of the gifts are odd, but when it comes to my parents, they prefer gifts they can use as opposed to just wanting things.  I’m starting to get the same way, but there are a few wants I still have (like Funko Pops).  I’m really happy with what I got everyone this year, but I do wish I was able to do more for them because they deserve it.  They really do.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do that someday.

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