Christmas Haul

Some people get annoyed with these posts, but I think it’s fun to share what I got for Christmas because it shows the thoughtfulness of my family and friends.  I also enjoy reading others’ haul posts, so feel free to share!


Let’s take a look at what I got for Christmas 2016:

  • Snow tires for my car
  • Harry Potter Funko Pop
  • Severus Snape Funko Pop
  • Amazon TV Fire Stick
  • Mary Poppins DVD


  • Gift Cards
    • Dunkin’
    • Cumby’s (for gas)
    • Barnes & Noble



  • Bible highlighters (I forgot to grab them when I took the photos)
  • Owl throw blanket
  • Books
    • Wake Up Happy by Michael Strahan
    • Whatever the Cost by David and Jason Benham
    • Living Among Lions by David and Jason Benham
  • Grinch ugly sweater mug & travel mug set from Barnes & Noble


I’m pretty excited about the stuff I received for Christmas this year.  My mom and I also received two gift cards for Olive Garden, so we’re excited about that as well.  And for the record, I don’t care that Christmas is over, I’ll be using my Grinch travel mug all winter for work.

Did you get anything for Christmas that you’re excited about?

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