How I Spent Valentine’s Day

Surrounded by books… duh!

First off, I normally work on Tuesdays, but I received an “earned day” where I can take a day off and get paid for it… so I took Valentine’s Day off – which is really just another day for me.  I don’t buy into the whole Valentine’s thing, but I won’t keep going on that.

So that was a great start to the day – getting paid to go to another library, The Cheesecake Factory, and Barnes & Noble.

My mom and I went to the Noah Webster Library and I know it’s not The New York Public Library or anything, but dang… this is a nice one too!  It could just be us because we love libraries and bookstores so much, but I was in heaven being in a different library environment.  I think no matter what library I go to, I’m going to have a good chance of loving it… because libraries.

After spending some time there we went to The Cheesecake Factory for the first time because we had a gift card.  The food was good, but the strawberry cheesecake?  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  It didn’t even feel like I was eating normal cheesecake, unless it’s supposed to be made so light that it doesn’t sit heavy.  I ate most of the slice and it didn’t sit heavy at all (of course, I did cheat and take the cheesecake home and shared with my mom).


Of course, it’s not a day out with my mom unless we hit Barnes and Noble.  As usual, we stayed for a few hours – had coffee and a cookie – and for once I did leave with two books.  I bought myself one and my mom bought me one because there wasn’t one that she wanted right away.  Plus I renewed my membership… what a great Valentine’s gift!  Ha!

And I won’t forget to tell y’all that I did get my chocolates and card from my dad the day before and half the chocolates are gone already.  I love that my dad does that every year for me.

So that was my Valentine’s Day, and not a bad one either.

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