What’s Happening Wednesday {Currently}

Happy Wednesday everyone!  And it’s the second one of the month, which means it’s time for a What’s Happening Wednesday post!  I had just realized yesterday that it was already time again to do this post, but I’m excited for it.  It’s nice sometimes to have some kind of monthly or weekly post to fall back on for when I’m stuck with what to write… and I’m sure I’m not he only blogger who feels this way (or at least I hope).

In any case, here’s what I’ve been up to recently!


Reading // Living Among Lions by David and Jason Benham.  This book is hitting everything right on the nose in regards to Christian life in America today.  We really are living in a modern day Babylon and even though I’m just over halfway through it, I’d recommend it!

Loving // Still loving my job, of course.  But I’m also loving life in general right now.  I’m making some new Christian friends and I’m drawing closer to God everyday… who wouldn’t love that?  And the shirt that I’m wearing in my side profile – Librarian Party. Make America read again!

Doing // I’ve been doing a little research on some subjects and schools.  I’m not really going out and doing much because I’m basically a hermit in the winter… it’s too cold to go out and do anything!

Listening // My worship playlist on Spotify.  I seriously love that app because I’m finding so many great Christian songs.  Right now my favorites to listen to are Lincoln Brewster, MercyMe, and Newsboys.

Watching // Still watching Jeopardy every weeknight, but my mom and I are recording and watching Joyce Meyer again.  We just downgraded to basic cable since we really don’t watch too much TV and the shows we do watch we can watch on Netflix or Hulu.

Looking forward to // Planning out our vacation this summer to Pennsylvania.  We’ll be visiting the Amish country and seeing Joyce Meyer live.  I’m just waiting to see if my friend/co-worker will be able to come with us.


What’s been happening with you?

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