Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

I’m one of those people who tends to skip the commercials, even during the Super Bowl.


What can I say?  I’m more into the game… it’s football people!  But don’t worry, this year I decided to stay seated and watch most of them so I wouldn’t miss a good amount of the “best” commercials of the year.  I wasn’t completely disappointed.

Most of the commercials I saw were cute, like the Busch commercial that took place in the wilderness with the everlasting fizz or the Skittles romance the rainbow.  Needless to say, those weren’t the best of the best.  Of course, my ‘best of the best’ probably aren’t the same as everyone else’s (as it usually tends to be) so here are my favorite commercials from last night’s game.

Tide – w/Terry Bradshaw

I found this one funny because of how the media made the stain on his shirt a big deal, along with the journey Terry Bradshaw took to get the stain out of the shirt and ends up at some random guy’s house.

Buick – w/Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr

This one was adorable and I personally love Cam Newton.  The kids’ reactions to the ‘giant’ kid on the field were great as well.

Super Bowl Baby Legends

Because the Super Bowl Babies are always cute.  Plus I love this song!

Bai – w/Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken

Not gonna lie… this one was my overall favorite of the Super Bowl 51 commercials.  It was perfect!  I’m surprised that Baí hasn’t done this sooner for a commercial!  And Justin Timberlake’s performance was perfect!  He didn’t even need to say anything!  It hit me right in the feels as a 90s girl and Nsync fan.  And because of this commercial I actually went out today and bought two bottles of Baí to try it!


And there you have it – my favorite Super Bowl commercials of 2017.  Though overall the commercials this year were pretty good.  There weren’t too many that were just ridiculous.

Which commercials were your favorites?

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