Decisions, Decisions

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I can be very indecisive – a terrible trait to have.  I have a hard time deciding even the simplest of things sometimes – like what to eat for breakfast.  If I’m not craving something or have it planned out in my head, it’s torture.  Or if I’m given choices on where to go out to eat, it’s just as bad.  Even though I’ll usually have something with chicken in it.

Aside from food, the my other weakness when it comes to making decisions is, you guessed it, books.  Is it really a surprise?  There are so many books on my ‘to-be-read’ list that it gives me a headache to have to choose the next one to read.  Sometimes I know what books I want to read next, I just don’t know which to choose first.  That’s my current dilemma.

I’m also terrible when I’m in the bookstore.  Every time my mom and I go to Barnes & Noble, I always end up meeting her in the cafe with a pile of books and say, “I’m a terrible person.”  I’m not exaggerating in the slightest; I do this every. single. time.  There’s a reason I have trouble at the bookstore though – money.  Now that I’m an adult (well, mostly) I have to be careful with what I spend, and even if I have a gift card for the bookstore, I want to make sure I do it justice. Since I have limited money to spend, I try to figure out the best deal.  I also want to make sure that if I’m buying the book, I’m going to like it.  There’s nothing worse for a bookworm when you spend money on a book you end up hating or not liking very much.

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to important decisions I don’t run into problems.  It might take a while, but that’s because I’ll really investigate what it is I’m about to decide on – as I’ve been doing with choosing a school to get my MLS degree.

It’s the little decisions that tend to trip me up.

How are you at making decisions?

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