Year One, Complete!

Happy Friday everyone!

Seriously, today is a good day because it was a year ago today that I started my amazing job at the library!  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s been a year and other times it, well, I guess it’s never felt like a year.  It still doesn’t.

But it is.

I’m so thankful for this job and how this job came about.  It’s literally a blessing that I know came from God and no one can convince me otherwise.  And of coruse, everyone I work with are some of the best people to work with.  I mean, if you don’t like your coworkers, then you can’t fully love your job – no matter how great your job is.  I’m blessed to be able to have a job I love going to everyday and people I love working with!

I actually posted about my new job on this day last year and later I wrote a post listing reasons why I love working in a library.  This past year as been great and I’m excited to continue with this job and start grad school to further my career.

Unexpected Blessing (posted 8/4/2016)

Reasons Why I Love Working in a Library (posted 3/4/2017)

Thanks to my co-workers for all the great times this past year!

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