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I love book deals!  And the best part, they’re everywhere!  Okay, maybe the ones in stores aren’t always super-great, but they can be at times.  For instance, I’ve gotten a book at Barnes & Noble that was 30% off, plus my 10% member discount, then I also was able to add a 20% coupon I got in the mail!  Now that was a deal!

Lately I’ve been getting into the habit of  reading more ebooks because I’m trying to save space on my bookshelves and I know that we’ll be moving in about a year and let’s face it – book are heavy!  Then there’s the unfortunate fact that you can’t use coupons on Nook books, so I’ve had to subscribe to a few different places that send out daily emails with ebook deals.  I’m also finding new books that I probably wouldn’t find in the stores because they might not necessarily be books I’d think to look for.

In the past 8 months I’ve gotten some great deals (and even some free books!) and it’s been awesome.  So if you happen to have a Nook, Kindle, or other device where you read ebooks, here are some of those brilliant places you can subscribe to for daily ebook deals!

There are probably a few (or a lot) more out there that I’m missing, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find them if you search for them.

So why subscribe to multiple ones?  Because they don’t all feature the same deals.  There are some deals I’ve gotten from a Goodreads email that aren’t listed on Bookbub.  It baffles me, but that’s how it is.  Yes, the emails get a little annoying at times, but it’s worth it when you’re on the hunt for a bargain.  And let me tell you, I’ve gotten some great deals!

The only problem with this is I now have more books on my Nook than I can keep up with!  But I know I’ll read all of them eventually – I always do.

And if you find that you want a lot of these deals that come in your email, but you can’t really afford to buy all of them, then I’ll let you in on my secret… Swagbucks.  It’s a great way to earn extra money (via PayPal or gift cards) so that you can get some of these ebooks (or anything else your heart desires).  You can earn points by taking surveys, shopping, free trials, and much more and they add up very quickly!

There you have it my fellow book nerds, ways to get ebooks cheap and even a way to get some extra money for those books!  I hope these links help you out a bit!

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