Letter to My Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

You know who you are.

First off, I’m truly thankful that God placed us in that middle school Spanish class years ago because we definitely came into a great friendship that I think will last.  We don’t see each other nearly as often as we used to, but that hasn’t changed a thing between us.  The important thing is that even if we go weeks without directly talking to each other, once we’re together it’s like no time passed.

We hit a lot of milestones together – sweet sixteens, first boyfriends, high school graduation, getting our driver’s licenses, college graduation, and most recently, your marriage.  I’m still in shock, marriage!  (then again, it’s not like you gave anyone a lot of time to let it settle in our brains, ha!)  Still, I’m happy for you and your husband and you can bet I’ll be continuing to pray that God will bless your marriage for the rest of your lives.  And really, the only milestone we missed together was senior prom, and that’s because I didn’t go (and I still don’t regret it).

What I love about our friendship is that we don’t hold back.  We can be honest with each other and let all our thoughts and feelings out when we’re having a bad day, but not even five minutes later we can be completely weird and silly.  A friend like that is hard to come by… you usually get either one or the other.  We’re lucky to have both in the same person.

I also just need to thank you for being there for me during the times I’m having stupid drama in my life, and you don’t judge me.  You usually understand since often times you’re going through some of the same things, just in different ways.  You’ve also been there to encourage me through some rough times when I was just ready to give up.

It’s amazing to think that we’ve known each other for fourteen years now, just over half of our lives.  It’s honestly weird to think back to the time of my life that I didn’t know you and I can tell you right now that I’ve never had a friend as close as you.  

So even though you’ll be moving out of state (and our time zone) I know that won’t change the bond that we have.  No, we won’t see each other in person anymore (only when we’re able to visit the other) so I guess we’ll have to make do with phone calls, video-chats, and, as you said, writing letters.

You aren’t just my best friend; you’re my un-biological sister.  Thanks for being the best one I could ever imagine having in my life!

I hate love you buddy!

– Tabbers


Also, happy birthday!


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