Why I Prefer Cats

Pet owners normally tend to lean one way or the other when it comes to having either dogs or cats as a pet.  I have had cats all my life, minus a few years when we weren’t allowed to have cats at two of the places we lived.  Obviously, I prefer cats to dogs.

It’s not that I don’t like dogs, because I do.  I just prefer it when they’re someone else’s dog and not my own.  The fact is, dogs are a lot of work and I’m not always home to take care of one.

Cats on the other hand, are super easy pets and don’t need you to play with them all the time.  In fact, sometimes they want you to leave them alone.  They’re very  independent creatures, and that’s probably why they work as pets for a person like me.  They still like to cuddle, but they like to do their own thing.

Oh, and they sleep… a lot.

The other big reason I prefer cats over dogs is that you don’t have to take them outside multiple times a day to go to the bathroom.  All I have to do is keep their litter-box clean and that’s that.  I know some people have outdoor cats and need to let them out, but mine have always been indoor cats, so no worries here.

Cats are definitely the more ‘chill’ pet in comparison to dogs.  I know that not all dogs are high maintenance (and some small ones can be trained in a litter-box), but the fact is that I’m just a cat person.  I will always be a cat person and prefer them over dogs.  If my future husband is a dog person, I won’t say we can’t get one (he just has to take care of the dog, haha).

Heck, there are some people that don’t prefer either cats or dogs.  Some people just aren’t pet people or they prefer pets like a gerbil, guinea pig, or a lizard.

A lizard seems pretty chill too.

But cats are fluffy.

What kind of pet(s) do you prefer?  

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