You Know You’re a Goodreads Member When…

I’ve mentioned Goodreads before, and I’ll keep mentioning it because I love the website/app and will use it for the rest of my life (as long as it’s still around).  I warn anyone who hasn’t yet signed up for this… it’s addicting!  Not in a bad way though (well… mostly).

Basically, you’ll find out that this site is as addicting as any other social network out there, but it’s all about books.  Bonus!

You Know You’re a Goodreads Member When…

1.  You can’t start a book without immediately going to the app or website to change the book from ‘to read’ to ‘currently reading.

Because if you didn’t change your reading status on Goodreads, you didn’t read it.  Right?

2. Your To-Be-Read list gives you anxiety.

This is because your list is never-ending and books are being released all the time, you realize that there is no possible way that you’ll ever read all the books you want to read in your lifetime.

3. You type the letter ‘g’ into your browser, and Goodreads is the first site to pop up.

Enough said.

4. You update your reading status before going to bed every night.

Again, if you didn’t update it, did you really read at all?

5. You mentally rate the book while you are reading it, constantly changing the rating based on how impressed you are with the book. 

I’m guilty of this, sometimes.  I write down my thoughts on a book in my reading journal after a reading session (if I can) so I can accurately capture how I feel about the book at that time.  It also helps me if I think I’ll be writing a review about the book or not (something I need to start doing again).

6. You smile when you see a book you love pop up on your friends’ to-read lists.

If I really loved the book, I’ll even make sure I comment that it was an amazing book and hope that they like it just as much.

7. You obsessively hype up Goodreads to every single person you know.

Kind of like I’m doing right now.  But I’m serious, this is a must-have app if you’re a constant reader.  It’s great to keep track of books you’ve read, how many times you’ve read them, what you thought about them, and to see what others think about the books too.

8. For every one book you read, five more are added to your stack.

9. You lose track of release dates because you’ve entered so many Goodreads giveaways for upcoming books.

I do this all the time.  There were two books this year I couldn’t wait for, then suddenly saw them in the bookstore when I thought they weren’t being released for another month or two.  You can probably imagine how excited I was!

10. The minute you turn the final page, you immediately open Goodreads to log it as read and give it some stars.

Let me tell you, this is ridiculously satisfying!  If you love checking off items on a to-do list, then you’ll love marking a book as ‘finished.’

11. You get anxious when you’re only ‘right on track’ with your Reading Challenge, and not 5 books ahead of schedule.

Luckily this year, before starting grad school, I was up to 10 books ahead of schedule.  That gives me a lot of wiggle room to be able to finish my challenge of 40 books before the end of the year.

12. You tend to skip books with less than a 3.7 review on Goodreads.

DON’T DO THIS!  Really, do not judge a book by it’s reviews before you read it yourself.  Everyone reads books differently.  After all, if we all liked the same things, life would be boring, right? Unfortunately I’ve dismissed a book at first because of reviews, but later read it anyway and loved it.

13. You check your Goodreads more than your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

And you wish more of your friends would be active so that you’d have some updates to actually comment on.

14. You make sure you turn your sound off on your phone so nobody hears the chime of you scanning books in the library or bookstore.

Not that it’s a bad thing, but if you happen to scan a lot of books… then it gets a little annoying.

15. You spend more time updating your reading status and reading other updates and reviews than actually reading.

I’m terribly guilty of this.  Then I feel guilty because I didn’t read during all that time I wasted, but I can’t help myself.

If you fit any of these, or all of them, then congrats!  You’re definitely a Goodreads member and obsessed with it!  And you know what?  It is better than Facebook or Twitter because no one complains about useless human drama… only about a book that was absolutely terrible!  But then again, some people probably loved that book.

Well, book drama is better than regular drama, right?

Of course it is.

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8 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Goodreads Member When…

  1. hell0chloe says:

    I literally relate to all of these, I’m so obsessed with Goodreads!! Ever since I discovered it it’s been like my bible, it’s the first place I go when looking at books! X

  2. Amber says:

    Jumping on the bandwagon with the point about the ratings! Most Goodreads books are between 3 & 4… and they might not be the BEST BOOK EVER but they could be really good for YOU. Anything below a 3 starts to get a bit sketchy, though….

    • Tabby says:

      Yeah, below 3 is definitely a ‘proceed with caution’. Some of my absolute favorite books are between 3.5 and 3.99 on Goodreads. It just depends on the reader.

      • Amber says:

        Exactly. I think it’s really important to read the reviews and see WHY people didn’t like things. Sometimes things get bad reviews for stuff I prefer (like no love story). :)

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