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I’ve seen a few book bloggers and bookstagrammers do posts listing some bookish facts about themselves.  We al have our own quirks as readers, as well as what we like and dislike.  I love learning new facts about my fellow book nerds, so I thought it’d be fun to list some bookish facts about myself as well.

I’m not a fan of audiobooks

I can listen to a sermon or podcast while I’m at the gym in lieu of music, but an audiobook?  I just have a hard time with.  The only one I was successfully able to listen to (without reading along to the book) was Alex & Eliza.  I don’t know what the reader did differently while narrating, but she was amazing and she had a very nice voice to listen to.  I’m not dissing audiobooks in the least (though I do hate it when people say they ‘read‘ the book when they actually listened to it) and I actually admire those who can listen to them and remember what happened.  I’m just more of a ‘I-need-the-words-in-front-of-my-face’ person.

I can’t follow a set, monthly TBR plan

A lot of book bloggers like to post their monthly TBR, or in other words, what they are planning on reading for the month.  I tried doing so once, and failed miserably.  I’m more of a mood or spontaneous reader – I read what I feel like reading in the moment.

I have 79 books at home that I have not read (oops)

Okay, so I buy books faster than I read (and I read pretty fast sometimes).  But I would say a majority of books are ones that I say “I’ll get to this eventually” and it’s usually a classic or a book that has been on my radar for some time.  It also doesn’t help that I go a little nuts when I see books that I want on sale as ebooks for $2.99 or under.

I should really just stop buying books or borrowing books from the library until I read the ones I own that are unread.

Yeah, we all know that will never happen.

I have an Excel document of my book inventory

Yes, I took an inventory of the books I own, including ebooks, and put them into a lovely document to keep track of them all.

Pretty, isn’t it?  And of course, that’s only a snapshot of the entire thing.

I’ll read almost any genre

I will outright say that I typically read YA Contemporary, Romance, and Mysteries.  Of course I do like some fantasies (Harry Potter, duh) and science fiction novels.  And out of all the genres, most of them can be categorized into young adult fiction, because screw it – I don’t care how old I am, young adult fiction will always be my favorite category of books to read from.

I will say that there needs to be more Christian fiction in the young adult category though.  Can someone get on that?  I mean, I love Karen Kingsbury and all, but yeah… teens need some good, clean fiction too.

My least favorite genres are Horror and Westerns

You’ll never see me with a Stephen King novel in my hands, that’s for sure.  I’ve never even touched a western either and probably never will.  That whole setting is just… meh.

I can’t stop in the middle of a chapter

Okay, technically I can if there’s a page break, but I usually prefer to finish the chapter before stopping my reading session.  If I do happen to stop at a page break, or the middle of the chapter, it’s only because I know I’ll be getting back to it very soon.

I’ve read 16 books in 2018 so far

I think I might’ve read more than that by this time last year, but I also wan’t enrolled in school full-time.  However, now that I have a few months off from classes I’m planning on doing a little more reading and possibly upping my Goodreads Challenge for the year.

I can’t leave the library without a book in my hand

It’s a sickness, honestly.  I’ll go to a library out of town to do some studying or work on another project and at some point I’ll be in the stacks looking around, then somehow I’m leaving with a couple of books that caught my interest.

I’m all about bookstagram

Aside from my personal Instagram account, I have a second one that is dedicated to posting book photos.  Because what book nerd doesn’t take pictures of their babies?

Here’s the link if you want to also connect on Instagram – @tabbyisnotacat

Update 5/13/19: This account is also my author account… because three is too many.

I’m writing a book

Whoa.  Wait, what?  

It’s finally happening y’all!  And that’s the secret project I mentioned a few posts back (though I did spill the beans recently on Goodreads).  I’ve been wanting to write a book since early high school (maybe before that) but I’ve never had an idea stick.  The characters have been there for years, since I was 13, but I just never had a proper story for them.  But they’re finally telling it, and I’m writing it all down.

I started the book back in mid-February and am currently three chapters away from finishing the first draft (at least, if it goes according to plan, but if you’re a writer you know how stories can be).  I’m not going to say much more than that because I’ll dedicate a post just for the book project very soon.  Probably in a few days.

Don’t hold me to that, though.

Update 5/13/19: The book is now available on Amazon!

And those are my bookish facts about myself.  For the most part, I think they’re all pretty normal.

What are some bookish facts about you?

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8 thoughts on “bookish facts about me

  1. Jeas Wellness says:

    I feel the same about audio books. When reading, it’s so amazing to see the world in the book grow bigger and bigger. I don’t “see” the world when I listen to a book, I doesn’t work :(
    And the excel inventory of books was a great idea!

  2. jaycuzey says:

    I feel the same about audiobooks. If the storytelling “voice” isn’t my own, I feel like someone’s just sneezed on my food.

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