Four and a Half Months

That, my friends, is how long I have off until my third semester of graduate school begins.

Earlier today I took my last quiz for my Children’s Literature class (before 8am) and instead of wasting the next five hours before work reading or wasting time deciding what to read next, I figured, ‘what the heck?  I’ll just write that last essay for my management class now.’

And then I did.

What a relief it is to be done with the semester.  I mean, I had until the 23rd to hand in my last three assignments for two of my classes (the third class I finished on Monday), but waiting to do assignments gives me anxiety.  So I just nipped it in the bud and got them done a few days early, and now I can start my “summer vacation” early.

I’m half-way done with my Master’s degree!!!

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