Getting Out There

I meant to post this a while ago, but you know, life happens and you forget about things.  Whoops.

Since I published my book this past summer, I’ve taken to making sure I post in my online class introductions that I wrote  book.  After all, I’m going for my Master’s in Library Science, as are all my classmates.  It’s also an accomplishment that I’m proud of and want to share with others.  It is also nice that a chunk of my classmates are also aspiring writers or are working on their own projects for future publishing.

One of my classmates reached out to me a few weeks after I published my book, saying that he talked to the person in charge of ordering books at the library he works at about possibly ordering my book.  It was a great feeling to have someone want to support my work and get it into another library.  And a few weeks later he sent me photos of my book now on their teen shelf.  So guess what?  If you happen to live in Peabody, MA, you can check out my book from the Peabody Institute Library!

I also had another friend who is stationed in Hawaii buy a copy of my book to donate to a library in Honolulu.  I haven’t seen or heard anything about that, but it’s still nice to know it’s floating around somewhere overseas.  Because even if they didn’t add it into their collection, it probaby ended up in a book sale.

Now I just need to get more libraries in my home state to purchase copies for their collections.

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