The Final Countdown!

This. Is. It.

My last week of college.

my last week of college

Though last week was the final week of actual class lectures, I still have to count this week because I am still going about as a regular week.  The only difference is that I’ll be taking finals and finishing final projects.

I am done with one class entirely – which is my magazine journalism class.  We presented our final projects last week on a magazine we researched and followed throughout the semester.  I think I did okay, since I’m not great with public speaking, but the majority of our grades rest in our 2500-word papers we turned in the week before… thank God.

For this week I will be finishing my time at my internship, putting the final pieces into my BMX documentary project and taking a ‘final’ for meteorology.  I say ‘final’ loosely because it’s not covering all that we did the entire semester, only the last few chapters we covered.

After that, it’s done.  For the first time in my life, I will no longer be a student.

It’s almost as weird of a thought as turning 24 yesterday, if not more.

So to my fellow college bloggers, I wish you all luck in the final week or weeks of the semester!

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