Wait… I’m An Adult?!

As a kid, the thought of becoming an adult seemed like it would be more of a… transformation.  Like, one day I would wake up as an adult and just know everything an adult is supposed to know.  Oh, and that I would be a lawyer who was happily married, have kids and I always imagined myself to be a few inches taller than I currently am.

However, becoming an adult is nothing like that at all.

becoming an adult

First things first, the transition into adulthood is just that – a transition.  There’s no wrapping up in a cocoon for a few months or years then breaking out as a full-fledged adult.  There are just changes we go through each year that brings out more mature (well, sometimes) and before we even realize it, we’re adults.  Looking back it’s always a shock to realize that this or that happened ‘x’ many years ago.

(As in, I graduated high school 6 years ago… what? How is that even possible?)

Since there was no magical transformation into adulthood, I can honestly say that I don’t feel too much different than I did at the end of high school (other than having bills to pay each month).  I’m still very imaginative and creative and I still have my best friend from high school in my life, and I’m thankful for each of these.  But I know the reason that there has not been a huge difference is because I am still living at home with my mom as I’ve been in college for the past 5 1/2 years.

There’s also the fact I’m not married and have no children, but I’m actually grateful for that at this point in my life.

Kids always say that they cannot wait to grow up so that they’ll have all this freedom, but then they become adults and just want to be kids again.  It’s funny how that works out.  The one thing I know for sure is that when I have my own children, I’ll be sure to tell them to enjoy their childhood while they can.

being an adult is the dumbest thing I have ever done

So, becoming an adult is nothing like I had imagined as a kid.

I guess the way to put it is that I’m still just getting the hang of adulthood.

Then again, aren’t we all?

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Adult Visions.”


8 thoughts on “Wait… I’m An Adult?!

  1. XpektroGzN says:

    The thought is mutual. Being an adult is more of a decision making for me. I guess the choices that we make everyday, as well as the consequences that come with each,, and how we deal with them is what defines us as adults.

  2. Tabitha Wells says:

    Being married, a homeowner, with a career and turning 30, I can say that some days, I feel more like an adult than others. I think where I struggle is remembering seeing my parents at 30, and thinking how old, wise and mature they were, how set in life they were. Then I see us, and I feel like we’re fighting to just hit a point where we’re ‘stable’, and it throws off all feelings of being an adult.

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      Yeah, I’m definitely not on that level of ‘adulting’ yet. But I get what you’re saying about remembering your parents at 30… I wasn’t there when my parents were 24, but they tell me all the time how they worked 3 jobs, were already married, divorced and engaged again… then there’s me and I’m just like, “I just got out of college…” Yeah, comparing myself to them always makes me feel like less of an adult.

      • Tabitha Wells says:

        My dad had his own house, me and was married by 24. I was in the same boat as you – just graduated college. I was broke, jobless, and unable to take care of myself. Hearing where he had been at definitely made me feel way less like an adult.

      • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

        I guess most of us feel that way compared to our parents. Especially those of us who go through years of school before we really begin ‘adulting’

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