How Can Anyone NOT Love Ed Sheeran?

Seriously, how can you not?

I’m not saying you have to be a fan of Ed Sheeran and his music (I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be…), but you cannot deny this man is a wonderful human being who shows just how much he loves his fans.

For example, this video went up on June 14th, just two days ago, where he was just minding his own business walking through a mall when he heard someone singing his wildly popular song, Thinking Out Loud.  Being, well, Ed Sheeran, he detours toward the performance and walks right up on stage to sing with the girl.

It’s the small, kind things people do that make someone’s day.  Whether someone is the target of the public eye, (like Ed Sheeran and other celebrities), or not, it doesn’t take much to reach out and do something like singing with someone to bring a smile (and tears) to their face.

But it does help if it’s the actual artist who goes up and sings their song with the fan.

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