Mid-Week Inspiration {video}

This was more of a spur of the moment video – there is no direction or plot, but I hope that it will be inspiring to anyone who is feeling like they are being criticized or judged by others.  As children of God, there is only One who we need to focus on pleasing and living for.

About two years ago there were some issues I was going through as well as observing in the lives of those around me.  One day as I was on one of my walks with my mom, I came up with this video idea.  It took me a few weeks to actually write up any sort of script, but the idea stayed never left my mind until I did.  About a month later, I told my best friend about the idea and she loved the idea.  So we made some finishing touches to my script, then set off to the park after classes to film and later record the voiceover.

Again, I hope this will give you some inspiration for this day (whichever day you’re viewing it).

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