Periscope Bug!

I finally took the plunge the other day and finally did a broadcast on Periscope.

periscope bug

I was actually quite nervous for my first one – an intro for the Bloggers Get Social #stopdropscope prompt as a part of their Instagram challenge.  I mean, I’ve done videos before for YouTube on a regular basis, but there was something about doing it live that was weird.  It was probably the fact I couldn’t edit out any mistakes in my speech or the long pauses I tend to take when talking to a camera.

In any case, I’ve done two more since that previous one and I plan to do more.  I don’t know what they’ll be about, but I’ve got the Periscope bug and no one can stop me!

I’ve actually looked into Blab, another live broadcasting site and I’ve heard of Meerkat.  I think I might give each of those a try and see which one I like the best and will probably use the most.  For now though, I’m going to use Periscope and keep up with that challenge.

Do you use any of the live broadcasting apps?  Which is your favorite?

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