Tabby is my Name, Videos are my Game

Have I ever mentioned I like to produce videos?

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It’s no secret to anyone who knows me, even if only by reading this blog, that I love producing videos.  What you might not know is that I had no intentions of going into the video production field of work.  Unless you’re someone from my personal life who knows me and stalks my blog…

I’m talking to you Mom (love you!).

The story behind how video production became my passion is known to few.  It all began with a memorial video I made for my shop class a year after we graduated.  I was testing out iMovie on my MacBook for the first time and just began to throw in some pictures and video clips from our four years of nonsense fun.  I had so much fun putting that video together that I wanted to do more.  So I did.

The day that I had posted my CADD Memories video, my aunt and uncle’s dog died.  He was a big part of their family, so that week I gathered all the video clips and photos of him and made a tribute video for my aunt, uncle and cousin to remember their dog.  It was after this video that people told me I had a talent for doing this sort of thing, but I didn’t really think much of it… I was just throwing things together after all.  Plus, looking back at those videos now I can see how much I have improved in my editing skills because I definitely was a beginner then.

From there I made a few music videos and skits with my best friend on a YouTube channel we called TV Prodorktions.  Some of the videos I’ve since deleted, but a few of my favorites were left up so the two of us can go back and watch them whenever.  My all-time favorite video on that channel is our Eye of the Tiger music video we did during our first college spring break when it was 75º outside… in March.

That summer (which was the summer of 2010) I was at one of my church’s softball games and I was taking pictures of the team when I decided to switch my Fujifilm FinePix camera to video mode and record the team playing.  I went home that night and uploaded my footage and created a short highlight reel of the team’s game.  A few months later, when my friends were playing flag football, they remembered that softball video and said I should go and film them playing football.

And guess what I’ve been doing the past five years?

That November was the birth of Natural Chance Productions because I knew I needed a more professional name to produce video content under than TV Prodorktions.  After that first season of flag football I also produced videos for pickup basketball games, three different softball teams and a local BMX track.  It was then that I realized this was something I could see myself doing for years to come and loving every second of it.  No longer did I want to be a writer/librarian… I wanted to make videos.

Since transferring schools and changing my major to Communication/Video Production I have gained a lot more knowledge in creating video content in different areas (news, film, promotional videos, etc.).  It led me into working for the school’s media center where I learned about studio and event tapings and I could not be more grateful for that experience.  I’ve also made friends who share a love for creating videos – and let me tell you, having friends who share your passions is the greatest.

It’s weird to think back like this and realize that I fell into this passion because of a class video I made for fun.  I had no idea that by making that video I would find something I truly love doing.

I’m just thankful to God for this talent and passion I have for this field (even though my first videos are, well, not good).  But I’m more thankful that I found it at the age where I was already in college and could switch schools and majors to learn more about the area and harness my skills.

I mean, I still have a lot to learn, but I’m clearly not in the same spot I was six years ago.

By the way, happy birthday Natural Chance Productions!

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