New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

Earlier this week I posted my reading goals for the upcoming year, so it’s only right that I now share my general goals for 2017.

First off, I’m going to admit that I was terrible this year in keeping my goals for 2016, but to be fair, some of my goals changed along with my choice in a career.  While I’m still able to utilize my media skills in the library field, it’s not my dream to work on movie sets or in a television studio for the rest of my life.  I want to be surrounded by books.

Anyway, if you have noticed, I already changed my menu to list my new goals for 2017 along with the Reading Challenge I talked about a few days ago.  I feel like this year’s goals are more achievable and some are definitely more useful.  And, honestly, some are definitely ones that I probably should’ve done a while ago, but I have a little problem with procrastination.  Oops.

As in the previous years, I will leave that page up on the menu so anyone checking out my page can give that a look and check back for updates.  I’ll do either quarterly updates or a halfway-point update to let you all know how I’m doing and if I need to get my butt into gear or not.

Tabby’s 2017 Goals

Tabby’s 2017 Reading Challenge

You can check out both pages in the links above and again, I’ll try to keep them updated regularly as I cross off goals on each list.  With that, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

What are your goals/resolutions for the new year?

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