Back to School?

It’s happening everyone!  I’m going back!

I got my acceptance email the other day saying that I have been accepted to Wayne State University’s Online Master of Library Science program.  This is something I’ve been mulling over for the past year and a half and after working in a library for nearly a year now, I know that this is what I really want to do.

I first thought about going all the way for a Master’s in Library Science when I was in high school, when I was regularly volunteering at the library and using its resources.  That dream got lost along the way, but it came right back after finishing college.  I can see 17-year old me jumping for joy right now.  (Seriously, I just have to jump for joy in front of the mirror… Ha!)

Looking back at my undergraduate career, I don’t regret it.  I learned a lot about the media and media production that I think is going to help me as I advance in my library career.  I know I definitely took the path that was right for me at the time, and I’m doing it once again.  I’m very excited to be taking this next step in my education and career, and I know I have a supportive group of family, friends, and coworkers behind me!

But most of all, I have God.  And you can bet I’ll be praying for guidance and strengh as I begin to choose classes and as I’m taking them!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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7 thoughts on “Back to School?

    • Tabby says:

      Nice! I’m glad to know that there’s another Library School student out here on the blogosphere with me! I’m excited to start, but at the same time I’m nervous – it’s been two years since I finished my undergrad.

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