Archived Pages

I’d like to keep a list of my archived pages that grow outdate, which would mean my ‘Goals’ pages that I will post each year.  This page is also for archived posts that were dated before my 2014 restructure of the orangeowldiaries site and those posts will be found below the goals.


2015 Goals

(Sept 23, 2012 – Sept 22, 2014)

 Since I have revamped the orangeowldiaries I have deleted all my old posts, except for a few of the better ones.  This is where those old posts are archived for your reading pleasure if you are new to my blog, just click on the titles to read them.

Popular Pizza Place Reopens: Next Generation Takes Over the Legacy
iOS 7: Not Overly Sure About It
Grace Unplugged: A Personal Review
Networking is Important!
My Camping Tradition
Meeting a Celebrity, or Two



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