Harry Potter and the Cursed Child [book review]

Let me start off by saying that it is completely obvious that J.K. Rowling did not write this book.  Sure, she had some creative input on the story since they were dealing with her characters and all, but this felt nothing like reading any of the seven Harry Potter books. The most obvious reason this … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child [book review]

Tribulation Force [book review]

Synopsis (via Goodreads): In one cataclysmic moment, millions around the globe disappear. Those left behind face war, famine, plagues, and natural disasters so devastating that only one in four people will survive. Odds are even worse for enemies of the Antichrist and his new world order. Rayford Steele, Buck Williams, Bruce Barnes, and Chloe Steele … Continue reading Tribulation Force [book review]