33 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve seen a few other bloggers do this sort of post as part of a tag or the #100daysofhappy and it just seems like an encouraging thing to do.  Even if it’s not directly encouraging toward the readers, it still throws out some positivity into the world.

I like that.

So today I’m going to post 33 things that make me happy.  They might just be current things going on or things that will always put a smile on my face.

things that make me happy

  1. My library job
  2. Chilly mornings
  3. The smell of rain in the air
  4. Fall/Autumn
  5. Reading a really good book
  6. Clean sheets
  7. Salted caramel hot chocolate from Dunkin’
  8. Jamming to music on long car rides
  9. Kittens
  10. Dancing while cleaning
  11. Freshly mowed grass
  12. Getting coupons in the mail
  13. A good photo session
  14. Libraries
  15. When my online order arrives in the mail
  16. Making carrot cake cupcakes with my mom
  17. Warm oatmeal cookies
  18. Ice cream
  19. Random silliness with my best friend
  20. Coffee and donuts from The Whole Donut
  21. Walks with my mom
  22. Watching football games with my dad
  23. Early mornings
  24. Spending hours in a bookstore
  25. Lazy, rainy days
  26. Homemade soup when I’m sick
  27. Family cookouts
  28. Organizing my room (it gets messy easily)
  29. A good sermon/bible study that really hits home
  30. The smell of cookies baking
  31. Bookstagram
  32. Being able to help someone and make them happy
  33. Surprising people

All these things, plus more that I couldn’t think of yet, make me happy and appreciate the little things in life.  I hope this will just spread some positivity to everyone out there and maybe inspire some of my fellow bloggers to try out a ‘things that make me happy’ post.

What are some things that make you happy?

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