My Goals for 2018

Somehow my blog has turned me into one of those people that makes yearly goals/resolutions for the new year.  I never used to do this, but I saw other bloggers posting their goals (usually with the 101 in 1001 challenge) and thought it was a cool idea to have a public list of goals to cross off as you do them.  Maybe it’s because I’d be more accountable by keeping my goal list public, but I decided to try it.

I have yet to fulfill all my goals for the year, but then again, most of us never do complete the list.  My list tends to be a goal/guide for what I want to accomplish in the year, and it’s ususally big.  This year is no exception – I actually had to go back and cut it down some.  And just like last year, I also have a Reading Challenge of certain kinds of books to read (which I did successfully complete last year).

Once again I’ve sorted the goals into categories, as opposed to just one really long list.  This makes it a little less intimidating and makes the list look nicer for anyone who comes on my blog to read it.  I also think it makes it somewhat fun to create each year when it’s categorized.

What are your goals/resolutions for the new year?

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