Recent Reads [October 2017]

I read a lot more this month than I anticipated, and I'll get to why in just a moment.  I'd also like to note that I did in fact buy two more books last month (because I'm a terrible human being) when I said in my October Haul post that I wouldn't buy any more … Continue reading Recent Reads [October 2017]

Recent Reads [September 2017]

I said I wasn't going to do these posts while I'm in school, but I say a lot of things (like that I'll get up at 5am when I got to bed at midnight).  Anyway, I still found time to do some free reading last month despite my starting classes full force, and I'm grateful … Continue reading Recent Reads [September 2017]


For those not familiar with what Bookstagram is, you can take a guess.  Got it? Yep, it's the book lover's Instagram community! This was something I knew of a hashtag to get people to find your posts of bookish photos, but I hadn't really gotten into it until last spring (so almost a year ago). … Continue reading Bookstagram